Introducing Japeto

Japeto helps charities and non-profits connect better with their service users with powerful, smart chatbot building tools.

Our chatbots have unique safeguarding features that use artificial intelligence to identify higher-risk visitors and connect them with you. That way nobody gets left behind


Fintek Software was awarded the highly competitive Innovate Smart Grant by Innovate UK for the experimental development of a low-code chatbot building tool in June 2022.

Innovate UK funds innovative projects in the UK that advance the UK economy and status as an innovator.

Why Japeto is different

There are many chatbot options on the market, but they are limited to connecting website visitors to a human or answering simple questions (“what are your hours”).

Japeto is different. Charities can build their own custom chatbot that will interpret their website visitor’s enquiries using AI natural language processing. Their chatbot can then automatically respond with pre-programmed responses, provided by the charity.


AI-powered, not controlled

We use multiple natural language processors to power our chatbots. This means you’re never dependent on a single one and we can take the best from each. You always control how your chatbot responds, AI helps interpret what the user is saying.

Free custom chatbots for charities

Beta Testers Wanted

We’re actively developing our chatbot tools and are looking for beta testers to work with in the Essex area.

You’ll work directly with a project manager to customise a free chatbot and put it on your site.

Your insights will help us to put powerful new chatbot tools into the hands of organisations that can benefit the most!

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